112. Cassidy (Part 1): lessons from the deep end, and depending less on shminstagram

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Cassidy McAuliffe is a photographer, filmmaker, storyteller, teacher (!),  and artist. She's half of the Woodland Sisters (https://www.woodlandsisters.com/), who make creative projects inspired by Northern Ontario, sisterhood & social/environmental themes.

We talk about jumping (getting pushed) into the deep end, being a small business and getting off of Instagram, and trying to make every class a TED talk. You can hear more from Cassidy in our earlier episode, #105.

This episode was recorded in March 2023.

Website: https://cassidymcauliffe.com/
Photography: https://www.instagram.com/cassidyjeanmc/
Woodland Sisters: https://www.instagram.com/woodland.sisters/ 

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