Art Horse Zine

A collection of listener-submitted artwork

This zine is a collection of listener-submitted artwork. Alongside paintings, poetry, and much more, you’ll find stories about creativity in the face of fear, fresh starts, self discovery, longing and letting go, and the varied experiences of Making.

All of the profits from the zine go towards paying our editor, Noble, to edit podcast episodes. This gives us weekends back for art-making, directly supporting us and the podcast.

For the digital zine: pay what you want (including zero!). The physical copy has a base cost to cover printing and shipping, but anything above that goes towards podcast editing. Both the digital and paper zines have the same content (just different layouts).

Thank you to everyone who shared themselves and their work with us for this project, and thank you for your support!

Digital zine:
  • digital download (yahoo!)
  • 23 page PDF of listener artwork and stories
Paper zine:
  • 43 page, accordion style book on feel-good, 80lb paper
  • hand cut, folded, and bound with love by Jess (lol)