31. Jess weaves a gorgeous rug for ants and Fiona accidentally paints a rabbit mugshot

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Jess finds her weaving flow with a rug for ants, and Fiona accidentally goes slaughterhouse when she means to go whimsical. Both reflect on personal artistic style and wrap up some long-suffering creative projects.

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We mention:
- Lady Gaga’s iconic country hit Pinot Grigio Girls
- “Don’t let your children do things that make you dislike them” - Jordan Petersen’s 12 Rules for Life (Fiona: spits)
- Maryanne Moodie’s inspirational weaving book, “On the Loom”
- Creative voice and personal style on Instagram: @nogobed, @kelzuki, @lisacongdon
- The Good Ship Illustration’s Creative Voice course
- Grown Ups Read Things They Wrote As Kids
- Podcast: the Song Exploder Episode with Phoebe Bridgers