32. Me-ness envy and finding out your creative voice was inside you the whole time

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Fiona turns to science for her colour palette with breathtaking results, and is surprised to find Julia Cameron’s wisdom turn up in a book about disordered eating. Jess sources real unicorn fluff, but struggles this week to capture the “spark of life” when drawing people.

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We mention:

The Fuck it Diet by Caroline Dooner: https://thefuckitdiet.com/

The free and (truly!!) Easy-Peasy Knit hat pattern on Yarnspirations:

Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon: https://austinkleon.com/show-your-work/ 

(Briefly but of note!) Aafke Mertens (@curlysketches on Instagram) who showed us how to use our inspirations to explore our creative voice. via Kat 🙌

Women's Comedy Workshop with Jane Postlethwaite: https://www.writesomecomedy.com/womenscomedyworkshops . via Erin ✨

Elissa - creative, prolific, and inspirational art teacher who isn't afraid to get messy and try new stuff: @elissab_illustrations on Instagram.