33. Year in review: colour, creative growth, and sticking your toes in pie

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Jess and Fiona take stock of this past year’s successes, failures, baby steps, and big creative shifts.

Fiona, a chronic dabbler, looks back at all the pies she stuck her toes into since starting Art Horse. Jess reflects on a year of big changes (1000 days of Birdstrips, living with her parents for 6 months, moving across the country) and how her creative practice has changed for the better.

Despite (in spite of?) 2020 and all its restrictions, creativity has brought immense growth, change, and excitement to these 2 pony pals.

No pies were harmed in the making of this episode.

Here are the questions from this episode - we would LOVE to hear your answers:

1. Where were you and your creativity at the start of 2020? Where are you now?

2. What have you dabbled in this year?

3. What have you felt the most engaged with / interested in / excited by?

4. Best creative memory of the year?

5. What did you make this year that you're most proud of?

6. What was your biggest creative shift this year?

7. What did you do in the direction of your goals that you were terrified of?

8. Has your big scary dream changed? What was it before and what is it now? Have you gotten any clarity on it? Did you make any progress toward it this year?

9. What is a goal you gave up on that you're glad about?

We mention:
Emily Powell - she paints BIG! @emilypowellstudio 

Jane Postlethwaite, a professionally funny lady, does comedy writing workshops: https://janepostlethwaite.com/workshops-with-me 

Julia S. Pretl makes tiny boxes out of tiny beads?! - https://www.beadcave.com/julia/ 

Washington Improv Theater does free beginner’s improv classes online: https://witdc.org/ 

Julia Cameron - The Artist’s Way

Lynda Barry - Making Comics (“sister images” exercise)