91. Just Jess: dance class doubts, art anger, garbage bag boobs, and a magic colour triangle?

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This episode is just Jess! On a walk in the woods, featuring bug bites, angry crows, and updates on dance classes, art block / self doubt, and a really cool thing about colour "zones"

Jess recommends Lucy Foley's "The Paris Apartment", as well as "Guest List" if you like fictional murdery mysteries. She's not sure yet if she recommends "The Power of Full Engagement", but she'll let you know.

Karen from Just Get It Done: the colour triangle thing: https://youtu.be/DxxKfjfNtq4?t=265

Laura Glaess's video, "What's the Deal with Solo Jazz": https://youtu.be/dJFChMhfqFc?t=289

"Lindy Hop was invented by Black Americans, and a lot of these moves predate jazz and can be traced all the way back to Africa. Therefore, many of the people who invented Lindy Hop had these moves, or variations of these moves, in their culture for hundreds of years, connecting them to dancers throughout their history. Thats very big. The inventors of this dance have a heritage of these moves and precursors of these moves that connect them to their ancestors. That's more than just cool, that's profound."